Garden Decking: Making the most of your outdoor space

Garden decking is akin to having another room in your house. And what a room it can be! It is so important, especially for those of us that don’t live in the sunniest of climes, to get the maximum from our limited supply of Vitamin D. I should also mention how vital it is for all the family to socialise and spend time in the garden in celebration. We can take full advantage of this and involve our creative side to boot while laying in our hammock, sipping on mojitos or catching the last few rays of the sun.

Here are some factors SureHome recommends you consider before planning your “staycation” of long summer evenings and barbecue cookouts:

  1. Spatial Optimisation of the garden: The amount of space available will determine the size and shape of your decking area. For small houses and gardens a more bespoke approach may be advantageous when considering access points such as your back door or garden gate. Decking can be built around or over your existing steps.
  1. Shape: The shape of your decking may depend on the actual area you want to cover. Maybe you are covering an old flower bed or simply covering some dead space. SureHome Services decking can be manufactured in plain rectangular or square slats or they can be manufactured in other more unusual shapes ranging from ‘L’ shaped to octagonal. Consider handrails and steps when you plan what shape your deck will take.
  1. Functionality & Access: Maybe you want your deck to open up through patio doors (preferably your doors open inwards or maybe you have a sliding door)! Include tiers, steps, bridges and cantilevers to optimise your space with regard to access points, entrances and exits.
  1. Surrounds: To accentuate an existing garden attribute such as an oak or a chestnut tree, why not consider building a geometrically aesthetic decking around it? A great get away spot from the main barbecuing area and SureHome Services know pets will really enjoy this shady part of the garden.
  1. Second storeys: how about a bit of decking adjoining an upstairs bedroom? Add a spiral staircase for outside access and you’ve got a breakfast deck opening up to the sunrise or a romantic dinner spot for a sunset meal.
  1. Symbiosis: By adding some potted shrubs around the deck we can better blend the area with the surrounding garden. You can use the direction of your decking timbers to draw the eye into the expanding garden, emphasising the deck as the gateway to nature. Also use window boxes and hanging baskets of trailing, scented flowers and herbs. Impress the steaks and burgers with some freshly picked rosemary and moisten the ciabatta with some well-ripened cherry tomatoes, all grown in your own garden.
  1. Furniture: How will you arrange your hammocks, dining table and chairs, sofas, sofa beds, swing chairs and barstools to get best the value from your space and also impress your garden party guests? SureHome experts can give you many suggestions how to best utilise your decking space.
  1. Cover: Although we want to maximise our exposure to the sun and light, unfortunately cloud and rain often darken our skies, so consider a partial or full awning. It doesn’t have to be too technical and can be rolled back and forth by hand or small electric motor.


Your decking is for your enjoyment, for the sunrise, the moon and the stars, the horizon and everything in between. Give a member of the team here a call at SureHome Services to discuss all your garden decking and hard landscape requirements.

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