GARAGE CONVERSION   for €13,999 inc everything !!!

This Special offer is for a single car garage max size of 4.8m x 2.2m (16’x7’) of standard size that has the ceiling finished and a door from the existing house. The garage must also have at least 1 existing light, switch and a socket.

Including all materials ,labour ,removal of rubbish after work and 12 month warranty. - €13,999 including vat of 13.5%

The following work is included in that price.

  • Removal of garage door and fitting of double glazed white pvc window (max size 1750x 1000mm ) and blockwork up to window cill height. Exterior plaster finish or brickwork to match existing house.
  • A suspended timber floor fitted level with the rest of the house and with rigid 50mm insulation fitted between the floor joists
  • External walls drylined with 50mm insulated plasterboard and complete room skimmed
  • 1000mm double radiator connected to existing heating system.(Access must be available to heating pipes)
  • Skirting, window boards and laminate flooring with a choice of laminate type or a deduction of the laminate value from the quote.
  • Removal of all materials and waste and a 5% retention period for 30 days with a 12 month warranty on all work.


The majority of garages are suitable for this special offer price and they usually take 2-3 weeks in total from start to finish. Payment terms are 15% on booking ,50% at the end of the first week, 30% on completion and 5% 30 days after completion to make sure that you are happy with the work. The price we quote includes all materials and labour that are required and leaves the room ready for painting.

Offer updated – 10/04/22